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Meet Our Team

  • Ellen van den Adel,
    Board & Co-founder

    Tijdens een wereldreis in 1998-1999 ontdekte ik mijn passie voor duurzaamheid. Ik zag landen waarin de bevolking materieel gezien arm was, maar sociaal gezien rijk. Toen ik thuis kwam zag ik materiële welvaart, maar in zekere zin sociale armoede mede door onze geïndividualiseerde samenleving. Vanaf dat moment wilde ik een bijdrage leveren aan een duurzame samenleving, waarbij ik een nauw verband zag tussen natuur, milieu en sociale waarden. Mijn passie ligt vooral in het aansporen van mensen om het beste van zichzelf in te zetten en een bijdrage te leveren aan een duurzame samenleving vanuit hun eigen kracht en gebaseerd op hun persoonlijke voorkeuren en waarden.

  • Ingrid Zeegers,
    Board & Co-founder

    We’re living in a world which requires a new way of thinking. We need to develop towards a society in which we all are able to contribute to a positive and profitable impact on business, social, environmental aspects, and quality of life. We have the required technologies & budgets available to make this change. What we need is the spirit, leadership and courage to make this change happen. I’m enthusiastic, passionate, combine business insight with people empowerment, am a connector (both inside the company as well between organizations), and am driven to play a role in this change.

  • Jacco Lammers,
    Co-creator & Expert

    Mijn passie ligt in het doorgronden van complexe, ondergedefinieerde vraagstukken. Mijn rol is om snel tot de kern van het probleem te komen en in samenwerking en met creativiteit tot concrete en duurzame oplossing te komen. Ik vraag om een keuze te maken voor een missie: de betekenis van een bedrijf, dienst of product voor mensen. Deze betekenis staat centraal om vervolgens samenwerking te zoeken met de belangrijkste stakeholders en ze te betrekken bij het vraagstuk vanuit hun eigen perspectief.
    Steekwoorden: strategie, ontwerpen, new business development, branding, projectmanagement, touchpoint design.

  • Claire Teurlings,
    Board & Co-founder

    I believe that we face the challenge to re-design our world in a different way than we have done it so far. This requires new thinking, new paradigms and a redefinition of what we see as ‘sustainable business’. I am driven by the power of design to create sustainable value for organizations. I use my experience in brand management, brand culture, consultancy and design, to set up and implement programs that can ignite responsible entrepreneurship. I am a strategic thinker with creativity and good analytical skills, in combination with the ability to build highly motivated teams.

  • Jessica Kersten,
    Co-creator & Expert

    I am an all-round international art director. I art-directed VJ films, video clips, books, global campaigns, short films, websites, you name it. Once I made the big idea, I roll it out to any media. I am your man when it comes to making something look stunning. My craft: Art direction & Graphic design

  • Hanke Mauser,
    Co-creator & Coach

    I started my career in shifting paradigms in development aid e.g. fight poverty using the potential of people by working with their vision, commitment and action. This in conjunction with equal partnerships and reciprocity. More recent I started using these learnings in sustainability transitions in Western societies.
    My ideal challenge gives room to a new way of thinking and the re-creation of old business models into new more sustainable ones. What keeps me inspired is that this proces of co-creation generates ongoing energy, inspiration, love and pleasure for all involved. People start to use their own power, qualities and desires to get to the sustainable results.

  • Eleonoor Hintzen,
    Co-creator & Coach

    Toen ik in 1989 startte bij The Body Shop werd ik meteen gegrepen door de wisselwerking tussen commercie en duurzaam ondernemen. Vanuit de drijfveer ‘alle bedrijven zo te laten werken’ door hen te inspireren en faciliteren ben ik in 1993 met twee andere Body Shoppers Good Company gestart.

    Mijn kracht zit in luisteren, in het analyseren van een vraagstuk en dit om te zetten naar strategie en actie. Mijn passie is om MVO van het hoofd naar het hart te laten gaan en van beter naar anders/innovatie. Om medewerkers te coachen en zelf de kracht van duurzaamheid te laten ontdekken of dit nu op HR gebied, inkoop of productontwikkeling is. De enige manier om duurzaam, duurzaam te laten zijn.

    Kernwoorden: nieuwsgierig, vastbijten, inspireren

  • Olivier Teepe,
    Co-creator & Expert

    My source of inspiration lies in the energy found in both nature and individual people, and my ambition is to create, co-create, launch and help successful healthy brands in it’s broadest sense to create a more sustainable world.

    Fields of expertise: Entrepreneurial spirit, Out of the box thinking, Marketing & communication in the new economy.

    Professional activities: Big idea & concept development, creative direction, creating opportunities and value.

  • Esther de Haan,
    Co-creator & Coach

    Esther de Haan, mother of 2 children, married with an inspiring husband.

    My mission is to create sustainable relations for a sustainable earth. The earth needs mankind to start to think and act in contact with what is good for the whole. It is my expertise is facilitate that process by applying Theory U to individuals, teams, organisations and communities. Individual growth, teamlearning and organisational learning leading to system innovations when needed. Together with Eva Beerends I wrote the first Dutch book about Theory U, to inspire others to contribute to a healthy earth for our children.

    My inspiration: Source, the inner path of knowledge creation, J. Jaworski, Theory U, O. Scharmer, On Dialogue, D. Bohm.

  • Ljiljana Rodic,

    Our species has talents and capacities that enable us to be true creators of our lives and our living environment. My ambition for us is to use our creativity to produce beauty and joy, in harmony with the wonderful planet that we inhabit.

    My professional fields include sustainability concepts and their applications to circular materials management, with particular focus on Cradle to Cradle. I truly enjoy defining a good question to explore and finding answers to it in a team. In 20 years at Netherlands universities, I have done scientific research in international teams for UNESCO, UN Habitat and the Chinese national authorities. Sharing knowledge is my passion – I devote my time to teaching at Netherlands universities and capacity building in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Balkans.

  • Gert-Jan van Schaik,
    Co-creator & Coach

    My mission is to help everybody to experience their full potential. Because when people feel strong and empowered they naturally contribute to sane, powerful and happy organizations and societies. Outer sustainability starts with inner sustainability of the individuals.

    I contribute as a coach on personal, team and organizational level. The way I am working is by combining an exploring mind with a sense of humor. Gifted with a gut feeling for implicit messages and limiting beliefs, I love to intervene in exciting, unclear situations for which no fixed recipe is available. Changing organizations means people doing different things as they used to do before, that’s simple. That will only happen when people want, can and dare to change.

  • Hélène Mancheron,
    Co-creator & Expert

    I have had 19 years of experience with a leading European multi-­‐national company with competencies in sales, marketing, new business development and high performance team coaching. I successfully led marketing activities of established categories and also pioneered a start-­‐up venture – a smokeless and wood efficient cookstove -­‐ a sustainable innovation for the base-­‐of-­‐the-­‐pyramid. I am a motivator, connector and value creator. Since 2010, I joined the BoP innovation Center as marketing expert in developing BoP venture.

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