Proven workshop methodology

We work with a proven bottom up workshop approach. We use a phased approach in a sequence of four two day workshops, with team work in between. The program consists of a variety of ways of working like cross functional workshops, workgroups, projects, consumer reference teams and coaching. All activities will be run by experienced facilitators, experts, coaches, moderators and guest speakers.

Get the best results

Each 2 day workshop covers a specific theme. After each workshop our coaches support the teams in their process and deepening of their knowledge. Each team consists of 6 members, all with different functional background and all working towards one shared result. Management is involved in specific parts during the workshops to join the team members journey. During the whole program we measure progress, monitor team well being and celebrate successes large and small.

Embed sustainability in innovation

The program from Cooperation of Good:

  • creates awareness and in depth understanding of sustainability and required paradigm shifts
  • delivers concrete results e.g: sustainable consumer insights, product propositions and required technical­, business model­ and systems innovations
  • inspires out-of-the-­box thinking and unleashes creativity beyond the usual way
  • drives ownership and entrepreneurship for sustainable business development
  • builds strong cross functional connections and horizontal and vertical communication
  • demonstrates commitment of the management
  • brings in the wisdom of the crowd


Workload and Program customization

Companies can participate with a cross functional team of 6 members. Time consumption is around 10% of working time and all the extra time they choose to invest extra. Each workshop program aims to facilitate 6 teams.

Inspirational guest speakers will be invited according to relevancy for participating companies. They encourage and motivate out-of-the-box thinking. Experts support the innovation themes like energy, material, water, design for recycling, new ways of marketing and business models.

If a company prefers to fill a program with more than four teams a customized version can be developed in which themes and guest speakers are optimized according to companies topics and challenges.

Want to know more?

CoG membership – fee: € 5.000 per company, category or business unit to be paid in money or in-­kind, based on the added value the respective member can deliver and the need of the Cooperation of Good at that time.

Workshop – fee indication: € 25.000 to € 30.000 per team, delivering 1 or 2 business propositions. A team consists of 6 people. Each program has room for around 6 teams. Fee includes 8 coaching days in between the workshops.

All prices are indicative. A customized quote and a full break­down of cost can be received upon request.

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