We follow a proven methodology


What is your ambition and what are the sustainability objectives your organization wants to achieve? In this phase we get all things clarified around the objective(s) and the specificities of the program for individual companies. This will result in set expectations, relevant innovation objectives and effective team structure. There will be a shared kick off for the program managers and individual ‘getting to know’ meetings for the teams and their coach.


The first 2 day workshop Sparking is aimed at understanding sustainability and the paradigm shifts we face. Each part of the workshop is designed to continuously internalize the new paradigms into own day to day roles, both as a professional as well as being a citizen. In this phase we will have valuable time dedicated to building strong teams. After this workshop there will be team meetings that are supported by the coach.


The second 2 day workshop we call ‘Challenging’ as this one aims to stretch and challenge the chosen ideas for innovation. We encourage participants to identify, gather and use as much knowledge as possible to develop the new value cycle and we feed teams with different ways of looking at their challenge. Likely this leaves a general feeling of both confusion and excitement. The coach will look after the team structures and after this workshop there will be again individual team meetings to further develop the propositions.


The third 2 day workshop Co creating is focused on deepening the ideas together with experts. The challenge here is to refine the proposition and business plans with the knowledge of key stakeholders in the value cycle and experts on specific themes. The result will be draft business plans, leaving the participants with confidence and empowered to make the final step. Again a few meeting dates with the teams to further their proposition, depending on their needs this will be two to three days. This is including the coach if needed.


The last 2 day workshop Celebrating has one main purpose: to demonstrate the sustainable proposition to peers and managers to ignite the spark to others. The days will be used to finalize the propositions and prepare to present in the most awesome way. Some propositions will be
chosen to make it to the Cooperation of Good consumer platform. Participants likely go to the next sustainability challenge.

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