• Welcome to Cooperation of Good

    We are trying to start something good. We are a growing group of people that inspire and challenge the power of doing good in everyone – like you -­ and every business. We support consumers and companies to drive innovation for good products and services that do not ruin our planet or peoples lives. So instead of just buying the products that are offered to us, we will bring products that do not require you to think about rain forests, toxicity or wages. Selecting the right product is already tough enough.

    Therefore we have started Cooperation of Good. We are looking for companies that want to join our workshop program to deliver product propositions and new business plans to speed up sustainable innovation. These innovative products or services we aim to post on our consumer platform. Because we think this can speed up the development of a sustainable business case. Interested? This section will tell interested companies more on how we do this.

  • About the Cooperation of Good

    Cooperation of Good started with a small group involved in exploring the Cradle­to­Cradle philosophy in Philips. Together with the help of amongst others Michael Braungart, this team developed a successful program. The learnings, methods are used to the benefit of all companies working towards a sustainable future. This forms the starting point of Cooperation of Good.

    To achieve a truly sustainable world we see individuals and companies as our partners on a journey. For companies Cooperation of Good offers a way to integrate sustainable business development in the core of their organization. The result is a lasting behavioral change with a growing number of co-workers who understand the principles of sustainable business development and innovation.

  • Our ambition is to make sustainability an integral part of business

    We support companies to speed up sustainable business development. We use a proven workshop methodology that makes sustainable innovation an integral part of an organization, bottom up and long lasting. And we offer consumer interaction in key phases. Moreover we aim to have results bought by users even before they exist.

    The program involves 8 days over a half year period, has individuals from different functional areas participating and does not require sustainability knowledge upfront. The support comes from professional facilitators, coaches and experts.

    And the consumer platform is work in progress but we will shortly share more. So consumers – you – can use your purchase power to vote for good developments.

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